Generate passive income from PG / home while supporting the student.


Why only Alpha Regiment?

Zero Commission

Alpha Regiment doesn't charge any commission to our accommodation partners, enabling you to maximize your earnings from PG or home rentals.

Alpha Regiment zeroCommission

Welcome Verified Students with Peace of Mind

Entrust your property to verified students for safe and reliable tenancy, ensuring increased earnings without compromising on safety concerns.

Alpha Regiment verifiedStudents

Boost Your Income

Elevate your earnings by supporting students in achieving their aspirations of serving the nation.

Alpha Regiment virtudal campus

Protocol for Enlistment in Team Alpha

Alpha Regiment report for duty
Step forward and register your commitment to the Alpha Regiments, laying the foundation for your journey as a warrior’s coach.
2Verification Drill
Verification ensures your integrity aligns with the noble standards of our regiment, forging trust among comrades.
Upon confirmation, you'll be welcomed into the fold, ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow soldiers in the Alpha Regiments' mission.


Aarav Patel

Aarav Patel

PG Owner

Our association with the Alpha Regiment has been incredibly rewarding. Hosting driven and disciplined students has significantly boosted our occupancy rates and income. The support and seamless coordination from the Alpha Regiment team have made this partnership a resounding success.

Devika Sharma

Devika Sharma

PG Owner

Being part of Alpha Regiment has been a game-changer for us. We host focused, ambitious students with solid backgrounds, resulting in a remarkable increase in our occupancy rates and revenue. The coordination and services provided by the Alpha Regiment team have been exceptional, making our partnership incredibly rewarding.

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