Medical Partner terms



Last updated: February 10, 2023

By creating a public profile as a medical officer on our website, you affirm that you have served as a doctor in the armed forces and have had the opportunity to assess aspirants seeking to join the armed forces. It is crucial to note that any erroneous advice provided may result in legal action, either directly from the aspirant or initiated by the Alpha Regiment .

As a retired military doctor, you bear the responsibility of offering the best guidance to aspirants to help them realize their aspirations of joining the armed forces. If you are currently serving and have not disclosed your identity, any charges imposed by the armed forces will be your sole responsibility, and Alpha Regiment reserves the right to take legal action for providing false information.

When creating your profile, all details, including your image, rank, and experience in the armed forces, will be visible to students. You are prohibited from requesting to hide this information, as it is displayed to build trust with aspirants.

Direct contact with students is strictly prohibited. Any consultation required by the student must be arranged through Alpha Regiment. Attempts to bypass this arrangement may result in the suspension of your profile.

Should any ambiguity or confusion arise due to incomplete information on your profile, it is your responsibility to address and clarify these issues with the student beforehand. Students retain the freedom to review your services and conduct, and under no circumstances may you request the removal of such reviews.

Your ranking on our platform will be determined based on these reviews. By agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge and accept these conditions governing your partnership with Alpha Regiment.