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Why Alpha Regiment?

Dedicated Mentors

At Alpha Regiment, ex-SSB/AFSB Board members ensure your recommendation with unwavering dedication. Our mentors are more than instructors; they're devoted allies, shaping your journey towards proudly wearing the uniform.

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3D Simulator for GTO Mastery

We've got your back with an exclusive online 3D simulator, ensuring our online recruits practice and master skills seamlessly. Our belief: online mock sessions and coaching are as powerful as traditional methods, guaranteeing you're fully prepared for success, no matter where you train.

Alpha Regiment personal mentor

We Start After Knowing You

At Alpha Regiment, we believe in a bit of 'Drill and Chill.' Picture this: we immerse you in real SSB-like conditions, spot the OLQs where you can improve, and then work to level up your skills. We're not just trainers; we're your wingmen on the road to success!

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Comprehensive Feedback

We go beyond feedback, crafting a personalized roadmap to victory. Picture receiving detailed video insights and documentation, a treasure map for your future growth in SSB preparation.

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Commitment to Your Success

At Alpha Regiment, our commitment extends beyond the classroom – we stay connected until you conquer challenges, as education is bound to outcomes, and your success is our ultimate victory.

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Navigating the Medical Board Journey Together

At Alpha Regiment, we don't stop at recommendations; we've got your back for the medical examination. Our commitment is unwavering – supporting you through every step, ensuring you're fully prepared for the medical evaluation journey.

Alpha Regiment medical exam

Immersive Training Environment

At Alpha Regiment, we offer an immersive SSB training experience with a GTO ground and top-notch facilities, including hostels and classrooms, all on-site. Our one-stop solution ensures a focused and effective preparation for success in the real SSB environment.

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Embark on a Virtual Odyssey

Welcome to the 'Alpha Regiment Campus' – our exclusive virtual haven in the Metaverse. Connect with success-driven peers, experience a digital ecosystem fostering collaboration, and embark on a shared journey towards excellence.

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Hassle-Free Commute for Students from MCO to Campus

Rest assured about transportation worries! With a dedicated Movement Control Office (MCO) in every city where our campus is situated, we ensure seamless pick-up services, guaranteeing a comfortable and stress-free journey for you to solely concentrate on your studies.

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Few words from our soldiers

Our soldiers heart content


Anuprita Joshi

Recommended from 14 SSB

Participating in a mock interview with the Alpha Regiment proved to be an incredibly enlightening experience for me. I diligently focused on the feedback provided by the interviewing officer, and as a result, I am proud to say that I have been recommended by the 14th SSB.


Amartya Dhami


My experience with the Alpha Regiment was truly exceptional as it provided me with valuable insights into areas where I needed improvement. I dedicated myself to addressing these areas and as a result, I got recommended. I am grateful to the Alpha Regiment for this opportunity.


Shree Shinde

Recommended from 3 AFSB

I enrolled in the mock Psychology test at the Alpha Regiment. Got very positive feedback from the psychologist, worked on the feedback part, and finally got recommended by 3 AFSB. thank you Alpha Regiment


Joydeep Biswas

Recommended NCC Entry

I recall enrolling in the mock Psychology test at the Alpha Regiment. Following the assessment, Ravinder sir advised me to enjoy life. Taking his advice to heart, I dedicated myself to work, leading to my recommendation.