Help aspirants to realize their dream of donning the uniform


Why only Alpha Regiment?

Help students realize their dreams.

Empower students to achieve their aspirations by guiding them through the SSB/AFSB Interview, paving the way for their ultimate dream of serving the motherland.

Alpha Regiment

Online GTO Simulation Platform

Transform training methods with our cutting-edge online GTO ground simulation. Empower students with unlimited practice opportunities while expanding your reach nationwide through its accessible online platform.

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Nationwide GTO Ground Access

Unlock unparalleled access to our GTO grounds strategically positioned across the nation. Our GTO grounds offer comprehensive training environments tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal preparation and performance enhancement.

Alpha Regiment virtudal campus

Embrace Flexibility in Your Career.

Discover the freedom and convenience of working remotely, enabling you to balance work and life seamlessly while staying productive and connected.

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Boost Your Income

Elevate your earnings by supporting students in achieving their aspirations of serving the nation.

Alpha Regiment virtudal campus

Focus On Your Passion

Devote your time to what you love - mentoring students - while we take care of the marketing and administrative tasks and accomodation.

Alpha Regiment personal mentor

Protocol for Enlistment in Team Alpha

Alpha Regiment report for duty
Step forward and register your commitment to the Alpha Regiments, laying the foundation for your journey as a warrior’s coach.
2Verification Drill
Verification ensures your integrity aligns with the noble standards of our regiment, forging trust among comrades.
Upon confirmation, you'll be welcomed into the fold, ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow soldiers in the Alpha Regiments' mission.

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Help aspirants to realize their dream of donning the uniform