Alpha School Terms


Alpha School Terms

These Alpha School Terms were last updated on February 10, 2023.

Welcome to Alpha Regiment's Alpha School program, where institutions collaborate with us to empower students in their academic pursuits. By accessing or using our services, you agree to comply with these terms. Please read them carefully before proceeding.

1. Institution Enrollment

Institutions, including colleges and schools, may enroll in Alpha School by Alpha Regiment by providing usernames and passwords to their students. Each institution must enroll a minimum of 5 students, who can access various courses offered on our platform. These students may be preparing for different exams, such as NDA and SSB interviews.

2. Government Recognition Requirement

Participation in Alpha School and offering exam subscriptions requires institutions to hold government recognition, enhancing the credibility and integrity of the educational experience.

3. Subscription Models

Institutions have three subscription options:

1. Mobile/Desktop Access: Students can access courses on their personal devices.2. Classroom Installation: Schools install smart boards for in-class learning during school hours.3. Customized Institution Portal: Schools can opt for a branded website tailored to their institution, requiring a minimum enrollment of 20 students.

In instances where Alpha Regiment teachers' courses are unlawfully copied or distributed on third-party platforms without their consent, we take proactive measures to address such unauthorized use. This may involve issuing takedown notices, pursuing legal recourse, and providing support to affected teachers in safeguarding their intellectual property rights.

4. Annual Subscription

All subscriptions are annual-based. In the event of a student dropout, institutions may reassign usernames and passwords to other students during the subscription period.

5. Usage Monitoring

We track IP addresses and locations to ensure fair usage. If a username and password are detected on multiple devices simultaneously, indicating distribution among students, we reserve the right to deactivate the account. In such cases, institutions will be subject to fines for reactivation. Repeat offenders may face account suspension or termination.

By enrolling in Alpha School, institutions commit to providing students with a conducive learning environment and adhering to our terms and conditions. Let's embark on this educational journey together!

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